Our Restaurant

Cocina Del Charro Mexican Restaurant

Its 1978 and the population of Escondido is less than 60,000 residents. Jose Monforte was asked to interview for a General Manager position of a Mexican restaurant. There was only problem: There was no restaurant, no menu, no staff.....just an idea. Jose took the challenge and started a 3 table restaurant between a wiring factory and an autobody shop. In the coming years the restaurant grew: First another 10 tables, then 20 more. By the 1990's it grew to accommodate 150 guests with room for private parties of another 150. In keeping with the family tradition, Joses son's soon joined the operations. In 2007 the family decided to open a new restaurant in San Marcos and would soon become a staple of that community. In 2011, the Original Escondido restaurant was moved to its current location at 890 W. Valley parkway. As 3rd generation restauranteurs, the Monforte family looks forward to serving you!